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Beta; does not make any discrimination in terms of age, race, belief, skin color, gender, language, nationality, marital status, sexual orientation, political opinion, disability or religion in the persons and institutions who/which it deals with in all of its business and social life.


Beta; undertakes to produce the most accurate and high quality product by using all the requirements of science and technology, to improve its existing products and to prepare itself and all other stakeholders for the future as a duty.

Corporate Integrity

Beta; owns the values it has with all its employees and applies these values in a disciplined way inside and outside the institution.


Beta;  acts transparently and openly in process management towards all its stakeholders in business life, and expects all its stakeholders to exhibit the same attitude.


Beta; strives to carry the title of trustworthy in internal and external processes and strives to exhibit all necessary behaviors for the continuity of this situation.

Social Institution

Beta and all of its employees behave in accordance with the Beta Culture not only in business life but also in social life, and take care to be on behalf of Beta in cultural and social topics outside of work.


Beta; works to be sustainable in line with the benefits of itself, its employees and external stakeholders, by paying attention to the principle of continuity in all the steps it takes or will take.


Beta; is sensitive to produce environmentally friendly products and to take on the role of protector of nature in all its business and social activities that it produces or invests in.