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Our quality policy;

In line with BETA ENERJI’s goal of providing the highest level of quality to its customers, it reflects the expectation that all employees at every level and in every function of the company take responsibility for quality and own the quality personally.

Our aim is to ensure continuous development and to realize a sustainable production philosophy by keeping occupational safety at the forefront, producing products that respect the environment and meet customer expectations in line with standards.

In this context; our basic policies are;

  • To satisfy our customers, employees, solution partners and shareholders,
  • To set goals and targets for quality, to review them periodically, to provide the necessary resources for these and to operate the management systems in accordance with these goals and targets,
  • To Take necessary precautions by analyzing the risks that may arise from production activities,
  • To Develop methods for preventing work accidents and environmental pollution, efficient use of energy and natural resources, reducing and recycling wastes,
  • To eliminate the dangers for occupational safety, to evaluate all risks with a near-miss approach, to plan and perform actions for safe working
  • To keep the quality standards at the highest level, to comply with the relevant national and international legal, sectoral and other regulations
  • Strive to achieve greater excellence by making continuous improvements in quality performance,
  • To consider energy performance, environmental effects and safe working factors in product design and material/service supply stages,
  • To produce products that meet customer expectations correctly, in line with the principle of “ZERO DEFECTS”.