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Providing quality solutions for the needs of the energy sector with its efficient production process, Transformer Elektromekanik provides services in Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone in a total area of 40.000 m², 25.000 m² of which is closed and 65.000 m² of which is open.

Transformer Electromechanics, which has set specialization in the Electric-Electromechanical sector as its target for many years, is a strong and respected technology company operating in the field of Power, Distribution and Special Winding Transformers, including Oil and Dry Types. Its main field of activity is the production of Oily and Dry Type Distribution Transformers, Power Transformers and Special Winding Transformers, with the quality, design and manufacturing standards of TSE, CE, SONCAP, ICMET, KEMA, TS 267, CEI/IEC 60076, BS 171, ANSI, ISO 17025, ISO90001, ISO14001, ISO18001, ISO50001 with a monthly production capacity of 750 units.

We believe that continuous development, improvement, giving priority to employees and employee happiness will make a difference in every process in order to adapt to changing conditions and to maintain the company’s rising successful line.
With our significant investment in our R&D department, we closely follow the technological innovations in the transformer industry and produce customers’ special orders at standards above expectations.

We continue to represent our country by being able to adapt quickly to all conditions in the changing and transforming world, to adopt the most appropriate production philosophy, to be innovative, open to development, and most importantly, with the value we place on our employees.

Beta sees each of its employees with the sense of “Leading in It’s Business”. The collaborative synergy, which we constantly invest in our employees, whom we define as the key to sustainability, and the synergy we create with the understanding of leadership, becomes the lifeblood of our struggle to reach the determined goals together, and facilitates us to reach our goals created by the common mind and successful business results.

We are one big happy family. In addition to being a strong employer brand, being a preferred company for new generations is one of the most important areas of our multi-value culture. Creating an atmosphere in which the employee feels valued, shared and appreciated achievements act as an engine for the formation of a sense of belonging. At this point, employee loyalty becomes the locomotive of a quality and safe work environment, enabling new gains to be discovered.