Power Transformers

Oil Type Power Transformers are produced up to 100 MVA 170 kV in Beta facilities. power transformers; It is designed in accordance with the purpose of use, customer demands and working environment.

Design and production is carried out in accordance with customer requests, contract conditions and technical standards with its expert engineer staff who have experience and technical knowledge of design, production, testing and on-site assembly. (TS 267 EN 60076-1 IEC 60076-1, BS 171, DIN, ANSI, ENEL, ENDOSA, CSA etc.)

While designing the power transformer, the following factors that will affect the efficiency and performance of the transformer are considered;

  • Loss assessment
  • Low noise level
  • Distribution of lightning impulse on the coil
  • Behavior under short circuit conditions
  • Continuous thermal endurance analysis of areas where both transient electrodynamics and high electrical voltages can occur
  • Insulation structural design optimization
  • Calculation of Stray losses
  • Thermal behavior

Beta Transformatör

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