Dry Type Transformer

It is produced in the power range of 25-25000 kVA, up to 52 kV voltage level, with the option of natural air cooling (AN) or fan cooling (AF). Dry type transformers can be preferred in public areas because they are produced using environmentally friendly materials and do not require maintenance.

According to the cooling method, it differs from oil type transformers. HV windings are transformers coated with epoxy cast resin under vacuum. LV windings are transformers that can be manufactured by both cast resin and resin-impregnated prepreg method. Up to 40% power increase can be achieved by using the cooling fan.
Although there is no coolant that is harmful to the environment such as oil, the risk of fire is less, it does not require maintenance, it is resistant to moisture and humidity, although it is not in operation for a long time; It is increasing its market share compared to oil-type transformers day by day with the increasing customer demands in recent years due to its ability to be commissioned at any time without any problems and its fan cooling supplement to be loaded up to 40% of the nominal power.
Beta Transformatör is both the most durable and the most environmentally friendly dry type transformer manufacturer in the industry.

Beta Transformatör

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